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MEDCULT project is based on the results achieved by the MINERVA project, with particular regard to the activies concerning the Quality of Cultural Websites.

Final aim of MEDCULT is to improve the quality of cultural and educational Websites in the Mediterranean countries. This aim will be pursued by providing a methodology and by establishing a support network, where organisations from the cultural and educational sectors of the Mediterranean countries can find information, advice and tools to improve the quality of their Websites.

Specific objectives of the MEDCULT project are:

  • to share with the Mediterranean partners the results achieved by MINERVA, with particular regard to the following products:
    • the 10 Quality Principles for Cultural and Educational Websites and its Handbook;
    • the prototype for the development of good quality websites "Museo & Web"
  • to translate in Arab language the 10 Quality Principles and the Handbook;
  • to present the 10 Quality Principles and the Handbook in a set of focused seminars, organised by the Mediterranean partners in their respective countries;
  • to organise specific presentations and workshops, where organisations from the cultural and educational sectors in the target Mediterranean countries will be invited; in the practical workshops, the participants will experiment the applicability of the Principles and the usability of the Handbook and will produce a real website based on the customisation of the Museo & Web prototype;
  • to create a network of tutors in the Partners' organisations, able to replicate seminars and workshops well beyond the duration of the MEDCULT project;
  • to fully involve partners from southern, eastern and northers sides of the Mediterranean basin into the organisation of the workshops and in the design of internal project instruments through which it will be possibile to monitor the results both in qualitative and quantitative terms;
  • to guarantee the dissemination of the results of the projects through the STRABON network.

The duration of the project will be 12 months.